Welcome to the official site of Skrabacz and all things Skrabacz  (or at least our particular flavor of  it in Northern Illinois, USA).



Dates to Note

9/5/06 - Carol & Carl Skrabacz's Anniversary

9/24/06 - Carole Garcia's Birthday

9/26/06 - Jenny Skrabacz's Birthday

10/10/06 - Edward Skrabacz's Birthday

10/14/06 - Stephanie Skrabacz's Birthday

10/21/06 - Edge Szefc's Birthday

10/24/06 - Renee Skrabacz's Birthday




Coming Soon!

Who knows what's coming soon anymore...

This site is dedicated to all who don't have a clue how to pronounce the name.  For those of us fortunate to have the last name Skrabacz, we all know how everyone absolutely butchers the name the first time they encounter it (as well as mispronouncing it every chance they get).